The Story

Entrepreneurs Mike and Alli Kafka founded Roo Outdoor in 2012. Roo Outdoor was initially developed around the patent-pending Inferno Series Hand Pouch. Mike and Alli have spent the last few years conducting market research and prototyping the specialized hand pouch to prepare for patent filing and a massive Kickstarter campaign. 

As a professional athlete, Kafka has experienced decades worth of hand pouches that he felt were inadequate and ultimately felt that this gap in the marketplace would be served by someone who understands the space, and wants to expand beyond the football field to a permanent outdoor environment.

The potential market and consumers have opened up avenues for Roo Outdoor to specialize in gear and performance apparel. It is because of this that Mike and Alli decided to develop and market a line of clothing with a unique—yet universal—appeal to active outdoor enthusiasts. 

A Note from the CEO:

“Roo Outdoor was started initially, as a one-product company. Since then it has developed into something much larger. Every time I think of Roo Outdoor I want to go outside and get something accomplished. No matter what the task is, it could be a 5-mile run or simply getting up to check the mail, at Roo Outdoor we seek to ‘Embrace the Elements’. To me that means, attack your life in such a way that you achieve exactly what you want. Really go after your goals and accomplish things that other people are too scared to try. I challenge you to explore, ask questions and make your life your own! I’m excited for you to be a part of something special, that is Roo Outdoor!”

- Mike Kafka

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